First dates can be really nerve-wracking for both parties involved. Whether it's with someone you've known for ages or a person you've never met before, first date jitters are real and as a result, some mistakes can be made in the process. Though sometimes those mistakes aren't always as easy for us to identify as the people making them, so it can be hard to tell if you're going about your first dates in the right way. 

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With that in mind, we decided to go to the source themselves and ask a bunch of guys what first date mistakes they see women make the most and why they bother them. It's safe to say some were expected but others were ones we never would have realized gave guys a negative impression! 

So after interviewing nine guys aged from 20-24, we learned that they had some pretty interesting concerns when it came to what their prospective partners should not do on a first date. Whether it's not letting him pay for a $3 dollar latte or throwing up on his couch, here are some things that really turn off guys! 


Mentioning future plans together. 

"I had a girl once mention she couldn't wait to do 12 Barz with me come Christmas and it was during our first date... in September. I think she was trying to be subtle but it definitely wasn't sly at all and a little too far in advance for me." - Daniel, 21

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Showing way too many pet photos. 

"Listen, I don't have anything against animals but there is such a thing as showing too many photos of your dog on a date. One or two is fine but when you're filling the conversation with like 20 dog photos, it gets a little bit ridiculous." - David, 23

Talking about past partners in your life who are "obsessed with you." 

"Anybody who refers to someone as being "so obsessed with them" is a major red flag for me. Mainly because those girls usually end up being super clingy or crazy." - Johnny, 20 

Showing "funny" videos you have.

"Sorry to burst anyone's bubble but 9 times out of 10 the guy you are meeting for the first time does not care about that video of your friend Sharon being "sooOOoo hilarious" at the bar. Usually, those videos are only funny to the people who were actually there when it happened." - James, 21

Giving one-word responses.

"It's always really annoying when you go out with a girl and are trying to start up a conversation by asking about her life and she just gives super short responses that don't really push the conversation forward because she's nervous. It makes me feel like I'm doing an interview instead of being on a date with someone." - Joey, 24 

Not offering to pay.

"I don't let girls pay on a date but it is pretty weird when they don't offer to pay, it's the gesture that matters." - Jeff, 23

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Refusing to let them pay. 

"I get that girls want to at least go 50/50 on a bill sometimes, but when I take a girl out for a coffee and she won't let me buy her a $3 latte it's a little frustrating." - Tyler, 20 

Complaining about the waiter or food. 

"Anytime someone complains about service or food it really bugs me and it's just a big red flag in my opinion."  - Mike, 21

Complaining about your job. 

"It's really easy to resort to ranting or complaining about something in an awkward conversation so I get why it happens on first dates, but when I've got a girl ranting for like a half hour about her boss it just gets super awkward and boring- especially if it's the first time I'm really going out with her." - Damien, 20

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Throwing up on their couch. 

"I had a girl drink too much on a date once and when she came back to my place she threw up all over my couch. So maybe just don't drink too much to spare my future furniture." - Max, 22 

The opinions expressed in this article are those of the men interviewed and do not necessarily reflect the views of the author or Narcity Media.

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