What She Says Vs. What She Really Means

Learn to read between the lines.

We live in a culture where we must learn how to be tactfully indirect with people, and on the receivers side, we must learn how to read between the lines. People often - and wrongly - assume that the truth might be to bold or strong for the receiver to take, so we often soften our words to smooth our social interactions. In other words, there are some invisible forces that guide our every day interactions with people.

When it comes to girls, this rule is no exceptions, and may apply even more. Girls can be the master of being indirect, and is the source of endless confusion for all the guys out there. But fear not! We are here to decipher some of the most common comments you will hear girls passively say, and what the REALLY mean.

In the next pages, we will learn what girls really mean across some different situations we frequently find ourselves in. We will look into going to a restaurant and going out.  Also, we will shed some light on the read between the line during conflict, flirting and lastly just hanging out at home.

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Michelle Cadieux