Interested in getting paid for having top Hollywood A-listers hang out in your kitchen? Keep reading.

'American Horror Story', 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off', '13 Going On 30', '500 Days of Summer', 'Twilight' and plenty of other films have all rented real homes or businesses to use as filming locations, and production crews are always looking for more.

Renting out your house for filming gives you the chance to meet actors, production crews, and get an incredible behind-the-scenes view of movie-making magic. But it's also a chance to make some serious cash. 

Although the amount can vary, depending on the budget of the production and size of the house, payments can climb as high as $35,000 for a day of filming in high-profile locations like New York.

In Ontario, a ballpark figure for homes rentals can be anywhere from $500 to $5,000 daily, according to the Ontario Media Development Corporation, and big payouts happen all the time. Back in 2003, one woman who rented her Maple home near Canada's Wonderland for a movie shoot ended up scoring $13,000 for three days of filming. She also got to meet Whoopi Goldberg. 

Films like 'Pacific Rim', 'City of Bones', 'Robocop', 'Total Recall' and 'Resident Evil' have also been filmed in Toronto, but it's British Columbia that really shines when it comes to Hollywood Blockbuster houses. The province has had films like 'Juno', 'The Cabin In The Woods' and 'Twilight' film in its houses.

BC film commissioner Jon Summerland told CBC filming scouts are always on the lookout for interesting properties.

"Generally, we want a house with an open concept. Somewhere where you can put a camera and half the house won't disappear. You want something that flows and gets good light," he said. If you don't have a mansion, don't worry. Summerland says every house has its day: "We'll take anything and everything."

As for money, Summerland said financial compensation depends on the kind of house, the kind of scene and the region of the province. A small kitchen scene in a small town might get you $1,000 per day, but in big cities like Vancouver or Toronto, the rate could go up to as much as $7,000 per day. 

If you're interested in having your house star in a Hollywood Blockbuster, you can register your property online with your province's media development corporation. Ontario residents can register here and BC residents can register here.

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