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You Can Now Keep Your Stories Private With Instagram's Newest Feature

Share moments on Instagram with just your best friends.

On Instagram, users can now keep Instagram Stories private using the new Close Friends feature. Let's face it as your Instagram following grows you might not want to share your everyday Stories with all of your followers. Now with Close Friends, you'll have the option to share moments with just a smaller group that you select.

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To add people to your list, go to your profile and click Close Friends on the side menu. Here you'll be able to add any number of friends you'd like to your Close Friends list. When you share a Story, you'll now see the option to share to only those on your Close Friends list which is indicated by a green badge.

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When you post a Story, friends on your list will see a green ring around your profile photo instead of the regular purple and orange ring and a green star badge when watching your Story. Likewise, when you view your friend's Stories, you will be able to tell you've been added to their Close Friends list when you see the green badge.

At any time you'll be able to change who is on your Close Friends list. People added or removed from the list won't get any notification from Instagram, but they will be able to tell if they suddenly start seeing green badges next to your Stories that they are now on your Close Friend list.

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The Close Friends feature is rolling out globally on the latest of Instagram for iOS and Android. To learn more, check out the Instagram Help Center.

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