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You've Been Pronouncing These 18 Country And City Names Wrong Your Whole Life

Here's how you should actually be saying them.

Other than a fanny pack, baseball cap and a big camera hanging from your neck, mispronouncing the city you're in is a surefire way to let everyone know you're a tourist.

But let's face it, learning the proper pronunciation of every place in the world can be tricky, and no one wants to be labelled as an ignorant foreigner.

There's also nothing more irritating than realising you've been pronouncing something wrong your entire life, so here are 18 countries you've probably been saying wrong, and how you should actually be pronouncing them:

Melbourne, Australia

Via justalf

Wrong: "Mel-BORN"

Right: "Melb'n"

Bangkok, Thailand

Via thedigitalway

Wrong: "BANG-kok"

Right: "Bahng-Gawk"


Via bluemix

Wrong: "EYE-rack"

Right: "ee-ROCK"

Beijing, China

Via anthonychong

Wrong: "Bay-zhhhing"

Right: "Bey-Jing"

Brisbane, Australia

Via davodlbnn

Wrong: "Bris-BAYNE"

Right: "Brisb'n"


Via gustavo9917

Wrong: "Co-LUM-bee-a"

Right: "Co-LOHM-bee-a"

Lafayette, USA

Via pixabay

Wrong: "Lah-FEY-et"

Right: "Laff-EE-yet"

Dubai, UAE

Via ahmadardity

Wrong: "Doo-BYE"

Right: "Du-BAY"

Reykjavik, Iceland

Via sollus

Wrong: "RAKE-ja-vik"

Right: "REY-kya-vik"

The River Thames, UK

Via richardley

Wrong: "THAYms"

Right: "TEMs"


Via ssmiling

Wrong: "NYE-jer"

Right: "nee-ZHAIR"


Via hansenhimself

Wrong: "Kah-TAR"

Right: "Kuh-Ter"

Montreal, Canada

Via Brewtenant_Dan

Wrong: "MON-tree-ALL"

Right: "MUN-tree-all"

Phuket, Thailand

Via Mariamichelle

Wrong: "Foo-kit" or "Fuh-ket"

Right: "Poo-get"

Worcestershire, UK

Via skeeze

Wrong: "Wor-chester-shyr"

Right: "Wusta-sheer"

Versailles, France

Via denisflorent

Wrong: "Ver-SAYLZ"

Right: "Ver-SYE"

Yosemite Park, USA

Via 12019

Wrong: "Yo-SE-mi-nee" or "Yo-se-MIGHT"

Right: "Yoh-sem-it-ee"

Worcester, UK

Via jimmyjay

Wrong: "Wor-ches-ter" or "WOR-sess-ter"

Right: "WOSS-ter"


Via Abdullah_Shakoor

Wrong: "PAK-uh-Stan" or "PAK-ee-Stan"

Right: "PAH-kee-Stahn"

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