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Lil Xan Just Posted A Picture Of Ex Noah Cyrus Even Though He Has A New Girlfriend

If you're a fan of rapper Lil Xan, you may have noticed that he recently reactivated his Instagram and started posting again. A few months back, Xan took a break from social media after a particularly rough breakup with singer, Noah Cyrus.

Cyrus and Xan weren't together for long, and seeing as the two are very young, they were quite public about their breakup (Cyrus even cried about it on Instagram live to her fans). The two actually met via Instagram DMs, so it would only make sense that they end their relationship over IG as well.

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When Xan began posting on IG again, one of the first pictures he shared was of a girl named Annie Smith, who appears to be Xan's new girlfriend. The caption on the photo reads, "My flaws used to make me feel so insecure,i still get a little bit but Annie made my insecurities go away 💔 thank you Mi Amor. 💍" 

If you're wondering how these two met, it WASN'T over Instagram. It turns out they've actually been best friends for years, and they became particularly close during Lil Xan's period of heartbreak after his breakup with Cyrus. 

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This is all good and fine, EXCEPT Lil Xan also took to Instagram just yesterday to share a photo of his ex, along with singer Billie Eillish, speaking of his support for the two female performers. The caption on the photo reads "i genuinely think these 2 are some of the best not only female artist but in general coming up rn ! yes i know things got sloppy but i see the world so clear now! and everybody stop with all the “your tryna get her back” it’s not like that i just don’t see the need for drama or fighting and their both genuinely good people! 💔 and when i say coming up i don’t mean i’m a fucking bigger artist jeez haha 😂".

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With a post like that, you have to wonder... Is Lil Xan really over Noah, or do we sense a reunion for the former couple in the near future?