Lilly Singh Gifted Justin Trudeau An Anti-Blackface Gift Basket & Fans Are Loving It

Lilly also made a gift basket for Lori Loughlin.
Lilly Singh Acknowledged Justin Trudeaau's Brown-Face Scandal

With the big federal election coming up, people have been watching the candidates like hawks, eyeing their every move in hopes of finding a reason to vote (or to not vote) for them. One tactic a lot of political parties use during campaign time is pulling up dirt on their opponents in order to give themselves an advantage. This year there has been a lot of dirt found on one candidate in particular - Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. A few weeks ago, several photos of the PM wearing blackface on separate occasions surfaced, catching the attention of Canadians everywhere. Lilly Singh's Justin Trudeau "Anti-blackface gift basket" is the funniest thing you'll see today (VIDEO).

The majority of Canadians were seriously unimpressed by Trudeau's blackface photos, but the current PM has chosen to keep his place as leader of the Liberal party and compete in the upcoming federal election in the hopes of maintaining his position as Canada's Prime Minister. As one would expect, the photos seriously hurt Trudeau's reputation, especially amongst Canadian people of colour. 

Trudeau was scheduled to make an appearance on A Little Late with Lilly Singh back in September but after the blackface photos surfaced, the PM's moment in the spotlight on late-night television was promptly cancelled.

Trudeau may not have gotten to be on A Little Late himself, but Singh made sure to address the scandal in her own creative (and hilarious) way.

If you've watched an episode of the hit show, you're probably familiar with a segment Singh includes called "gift baskets". During this part of the show, Singh tries to cheer up people who are going through rough times by giving them custom made gift baskets. This week's lucky winners? Justin Trudeau and Lori Loughlin.

In Trudeau's basket, Singh included face wipes (so he can wipe the paint AND the embarrassment off), a new phone, pre-loaded with the whitest emoji skin tone possible, a brown crayon (so he can get the colour correct if he ever feels the need to brownface again), and finally, a picture of Aladdin.

In Lori Loughlin's basket, Singh included two fake degrees from USC, which she said "will be just as useful to her daughters as the real ones". Also included was a Lori Loughlin Hallmark movies boxset, and a pack of cigarettes, as they'll be Loughlin's "only form of currency in prison". 

All jokes aside, the federal election is quickly approaching, and whether you love Trudeau, or absolutely hate him, it's important that you head to the polls and cast your ballot to decide who our next Prime Minister will be. You can read everything you need to know about the voting process at this link.