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Lilly Singh Just Admitted She Hates Twitter Culture But Is Staying For The Memes

She's so done with all of the "petty energy" on Twitter.
Lilly Singh Just Admitted She Hates Twitter Culture But Is Staying For The Memes

Despite gaining her fame from video-sharing social media site YouTube, Canadian TV-show host Lilly Singh has admitted she’s not a big fan of all social media platforms, taking to Twitter to hate on … well … Twitter. Lilly Singh’s Twitter rant proves she’s done with all of the negative aspects of social media, but says she’s sticking around for the memes.

It’s been a busy 2019 for Canadian YouTuber Lilly Singh, who aired the first episode of her very own TV show A Little Late with Lilly Singh back in September. Since then, Singh has proved that she’s got no time for any petty social media drama, taking to Twitter to call out the “tomfoolery” that regularly occurs on the app.

In a tweet on Saturday afternoon, Singh told her 5.8 million followers, “Twitter is messy af. Everyday I’m in a joyous mood and then I make the mistake of checking Twitter and there’s some tomfoolery going down. Drama, another cancel party, spotlighting someone’s failure, mean tweets and headlines. Petty energy.”

However, the YouTube star went on to add, “BUT LIKE THE MEMES ARE SO GOOD. UGH.”

In a follow-up tweet a short while later, Singh added, “Team Super is truly the only beacon of light up in here. Proud of you.” The emotional tribute to her fans prompted several sweet responses from her followers. 

One person replied, "Never ever forget your legacy. You’ve saved millions from depression, helped millions be more comfortable and unapologetic in their own skin (including me) and you continue to move mountains. We love you so damn much and are SO proud of you."

Another added, "YOU make it shine even brighter. like i kid you not, your tweets are everything, whether they’re heartfelt reminders or filled with sass haha we love you!"

Following several concerned responses from her followers and fans, Singh went on to clarify her original tweet. A short while later, she added, “To be clear, nothing happened. I’m not even referencing tweets about me.”

She went on, “I’m saying in general I step onto Twitter and am instantly bombarded about information about people disagreeing with hugs or some ish. GET. A. GRIP.”

Singh didn’t go into much detail about what particularly had inspired her Twitter posts, but with the sweet and kind comments that her followers and fans have responded, we’re sure she’ll be loving Twitter again in no time!

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