Pack your picnic essentials because it's almost time to hit the beach. Lincoln County, Oregon is opening its lodging on Monday, June 1 after a two-month restriction. As the coastal community relies heavily on tourism and activity during the summer months, it's an exciting time for Oregonians and Washingtonians alike who visit the Oregon coast for family vacations and weekend getaways.    

This means that you could be able to visit your favourite beaches along the coast this summer.

According to a report from KATU News, other cities along the coast have been open for lodging operations including Walport, Newport, and Depoe Bay, but the remaining areas of Lincoln County “will reopen their lodging, allowing tourists back to that part of the Oregon Coast.”  

As Oregon progresses in its reopening procedures, Lincoln County officials are still asking tourists to exercise caution and social distancing measures in crowds.    

"We want to remain a friendly county and be welcoming to others again. People are concerned, still," Susan Trachel, PIO for the county's Health and Human Services, told KATU. 

"They’re concerned about the virus, they’re concerned about seeing the uptick that’s coming in other areas of the country, and wondering is that going to hit here?"

Lincoln County had already entered into Phase 1 of Governor Kate Brown's reopening plan,  on May 15 which included "limited reopening of restaurants and bars, personal services, gyms, and malls. Gatherings of up to 25 people allowed for recreational, social, cultural, civic, or faith events, with social distancing requirements." 

Now with the restrictions of lodging lifting, Lincoln County wants tourists to come into their coastal cities but there is still apprehension in regards to COVID-19 transmissions as the executive order to stay close to home is still active.

Trachel told KATU News that she's already seen people "in and out of stores within six feet of each other and not wearing masks," and that it's important to continue social distancing precautions through reopening.

Road trip, anyone?