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Lindsay Lohan Tried To Shade Kim K. On Instagram But She Clapped Right Back And Fans Are Shook

You would think that with Lindsay's new turn to religion that she'd be staying out of celebrity drama, though it seems she just couldn't help but give her two cents on none other than Kim K's latest Instagram upload. Of course in true Kim fashion, she also couldn't help but clap right back!

It all started when Kim uploaded a photo of her in "Bo Derek Braids" which caused a ton of controversy online. Many saying that it was cultural appropriation. Though the flack she was getting on IG wasn't just from non-celebs, Lindsay Lohan ended up commenting "I am confused" on the photo.

The comment was definitely siding with the criticism the star was getting for flooding her Instagram with her hair done in said braids. This isn't the first time that Kim has landed herself in hot water for speculated cultural appropriation, and she had no problem firing back within a few minutes on Lindsay's initial comment: 

Via @perezhilton

Yikes! After Kim's comment, Lindsay went dead silent and fans went nuts. Guess those who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones? We're sure we'll be hearing about this debacle in real time on Keeping Up at some point or maybe on Kim's Snapchat, but until now we've got one more iconic celeb shut down to add to our books! 

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