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Lindsay Lohan Has A New Job That's Not Acting And We're All Confused

Yes, you read the headline right.
Lindsay Lohan Has A New Job That's Not Acting And We're All Confused

Waaayyyyy back in the early 2000's Lindsay Lohan was a fast rising actress who suddenly had her career whole derailed by issues with substance abuse and run ins with the law and multiple trips to rehab.

If you're old enough to remember those days then you know it was one hell of a ride while it lasted. 

Lohan seems to have grown up since then though, she is in her early 30's now after all, and she's found herself a new job.  

And it certainly isn't one you would expect from someone with her history with the law.   

So what is this new job of hers you ask?  

She's now the spokesperson for  

In case you've never heard of it, is a service that helps people who are in trouble with the police get the legal advice that they need. 

"When first reached out to me I was confused and a little scared because I thought I was in trouble," Lohan says at the beginning of a new promotional ad for the company.   

Lohan jokes about her past run ins with the law in the video as well. 

"From getting a DUI, let's not pretend I didn't get 1... or 2...or 3... or some others," she says.   

Yes, it certainly does feel a little weird having Lindsay Lohan telling you were to get your legal advice. 

But hey, everyone deserves a second chance... or a third... or some others. 

You can check out the full 40 second ad below. 

Source: Global

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