All you need is pizza! Another food chain is giving back to people serving their communities in a very tasty way. Little Caesars is going to be giving free pizza to healthcare workers and first responders in Canada. 

The restaurant announced that locations across the country will be giving out free slices of 'za to people working on the frontlines during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Starting on April 15, local restaurants will give 250,000 slices to healthcare workers, police officers and firefighters in the community.

That will continue for weeks to come.

"Hospital staff and first responders are working around the clock to help keep us safe and healthy, and they are true heroes," said Dave Scrivano, president and CEO of Little Caesar Enterprises, Inc., in a news release.

So, franchises across Canada will be giving back directly to the communities they are in by offering hot meals to the people who serve those communities.

You can also get involved if you want.

Starting on April 20, when you use the Little Caesars app or order online through the website, you can "pie it forward."

That means you'd buy a pizza to give to nearby hospitals, police and fire departments before you checkout.

Those will then be served to local frontline workers by franchisees in the following weeks.

The pizza chain has actually set up a national fund to combine efforts with local franchises to give away those 250,000 slices to healthcare workers and first responders.

"Little Caesars is a family company and so, we want to thank all of them in the best way we know how - by delivering a wholesome meal," said Scrivano.

There are locations in all 10 provinces so workers in many parts of the country could get a warm slice soon.

Other food chains across Canada are doing similar things to give back to people working the frontlines and serving their communities during the pandemic.

Tim Hortons is going around the country and giving free coffee to people serving their communities.

Nando's is giving free takeout to healthcare workers and bringing hot meals to local hospitals.

For a week in March, Harvey's and Swiss Chalet offered 50% off on all take-out and drive-thru orders for frontline workers.

Smoke's Poutinerie also gave a bunch of potatoes to food banks in Canada.