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A Utah Hike Whisks You Through Narrow Canyon Walls For An 'Indiana Jones' Adventure

Minus the running from a massive boulder.

While the Beehive State has plenty of ideal outdoor destinations, this one is a tiny treasure perfect for an afternoon in nature. Little Wild Horse Canyon in Utah is a slot canyon perfect for adventure seekers. Some of the canyon walls sit so close to each other you have to slide through sideways, but the gorgeous orange walls are great for photos.

If you've explored many of the state's picturesque parks and lush swimming holes, you will want to add this one to your list next.

Little Wild Horse Canyon in Utah combines the breathtaking slot caverns of Zion or Antelope Canyon with the desert landscape from nearby Goblin Valley.

The sculpted, towering rock walls provide narrow passageways perfect for exploring and snapping some incredible photos.

Depending on the time of year, you can hike along the narrow trails between sandstone formations, or wade through waters that have collected in the canyons after significant rain.

You can choose to hike in and back as far as you want or take the trail to Bell Canyon for an 8-mile loop around the area.

To reach the beginning of the trail, you can head west on Highway 24 to Temple Mountain Road. After five miles, you will turn south towards Goblin Valley Road.

For six miles, follow that road until you reach Wild Horse Road. Another five miles will bring you to the trailhead.

From there, you can explore the incredible canyons and rock walls that make up the area, as well as snap some seriously epic shots of the sandstone colored caverns.

It is free to park at the canyon, but you should arrive early to snag a space as the lot can fill up fast.

The dreamy twists and turns of the stone walls are the perfect outdoor adventure for a day in the desert.

Little Wild Horse Canyon

Difficulty: Moderate

Length: 8-miles roundtrip

Location: Latitude: 38.58299444, Longitude: -110.8029

Why You Need To Go: These stunning slot canyons are full of twisting alleys and towering rock walls for the perfect nature escape.


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