"Living With Yourself" On Netflix Canada Is Being Called Paul Rudd's "Best Performance"

The series scored an 82% on Rotten Tomatoes.
"Living With Yourself" On Netflix Canada

There are some actors in this world who were basically born to play specific roles, and in Paul Rudd's case, almost all of his roles are like that. Can you picture anyone else as Antman or Brian Fantana in Anchorman? Probably not. Like many actors, Rudd is at his best when he's acting in a certain genre of movie - for him, it would have to be comedies. Rudd has primarily been focused on movies as of late, but his most recent project is a Netflix original TV series, and it's receiving some seriously great reviews. Living with Yourself on Netflix Canada is Paul Rudd's best performance to date.

Today, October 18, a new series called Living with Yourself hit Netflix. The show stars Paul Rudd as not one, but two characters, both named Miles Ellis. The OG Miles appears to be suffering from depression, having little to no interest in his day-to-day life, or his wife, played by Aisling Bea. When Miles hears about a simple spa treatment that will boost his mood, he decides to book an appointment in hopes of turning his life around. Things definitely go as planned, though - Miles wakes up buried in the middle of nowhere, only to find that a much happier clone of himself is living his life for him.

When he realizes this, Miles understands that he has to either live the rest of his life as a spectator in hiding or kill this new, uber-happy clone so that he can go back to life as it was.

Living with Yourself has only been out for a few hours, but people have already binge-watched the series and have been absolutely raving about it on Twitter.

"Paul Rudd gives two of his best performances in Netflix's Living With Yourself", Entertainment Weekly tweeted. "Um, hello, @netflix. I was just wondering when season 2 of Living With Yourself will be on? I'm free anytime after next Friday," one viewer said.

Living with Yourself has a total of eight 30-minute episodes, meaning that binge-watching it will only take up a small fraction of your weekend, leaving you plenty of time to watch the other new Netflix releases.

If you've seen the Netflix original series Russian Doll, you can expect similar things from this series. If you'd like to watch the trailer before immersing yourself in four hours of Paul Rudd, you can do so below.

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