We've had some huge concerts happening in Toronto lately. With Shawn Mendes wrapping up his week-long visit to the city, the excitement levels were already high going into Lizzo's Toronto concert last night. Most people first saw Lizzo in her viral ten-second video that became an internet meme. Your friend probably sent you a link to a video of her playing something complicated on the flute and then immediately afterward singing, "suck my d*ck." Yup. It's as random as it sounds (check out her compilation). But a quick visit to her Instagram profile would tell you that she's actually pretty badass. She's an amazing singer, extremely influential, and 100% that bitch. At Lizzo's Toronto concert last night she reflected on how far she's come in the music industry. 

A lot of celebs rise to fame really quickly, and for Lizzo, that's exactly what happened. At her Toronto concert, she explained how just earlier this year, when she first visited Toronto, she had a show at the Danforth Music Hall that didn't even sell out. This time around she's on a North American tour with most shows sold out, including last night's concert at the Budweiser Stadium. To put that in perspective, her first Toronto concert had less than 1500 people and this past one sold out all 15000 seats. 

Toronto isn't the only place she's rising to the top. She recently hit the top of the Billboard charts in the US with her song "Truth Hurts." That also made her only the second woman to hit number one with a rap single since Cardi B's "Bodak Yellow." The Obama's saw all of this coming before we did when they released their summer playlist and Lizzo made the cut

She's spent the last few months inspiring girls across the globe to love all of themselves. She's made sure to stay true to herself so that she can feel comfortable about her fans following in her footsteps. People love her so much they've even petitioned for her to be cast in the role of Ursula in the upcoming live-action The Little Mermaid

If Lizzo keeps performing like she did on that MTV VMA stage a few weeks ago, there's no doubt that next time she's in Toronto she'll be selling out the Scotiabank Arena.