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Loblaws Stores Across Canada Are Giving Their Staff A COVID-19 Pay Rise

It's in recognition of their "outstanding efforts" that keep stores open.

If you work at Loblaws, your paycheck is about to get bigger! In an announcement on Saturday, the company chairman revealed that staff working through the novel coronavirus outbreak in Canada would receive a temporary pay rise. The Loblaws COVID-19 bonus comes as employees have been working tirelessly to keep stores open as usual.

While bars, restaurants, non-essential stores and public places have closed their doors to Canadians this week, supermarkets like Loblaws and Walmart remain open for groceries, cleaning products, and essential household supplies.

In recognition of the “outstanding effort” that their staff are putting in to keep operations running as normal as possible, the chairman of Loblaws has confirmed that all of their store and distribution employees will receive a semi-permanent raise.

As of March 8, employees of Loblaws and all associated banners, including Shoppers Drug Mart and Metro, will receive a pay increase of 15%.

In a statement shared with PC Optimum users on Saturday, chairman Galen Weston explained, “Our extraordinary teams are motivated by what they see as a responsibility to Canadians and the opportunity to make a difference.”

In the notice, Weston acknowledged that their supermarkets and pharmacies were not currently financially suffering from the virus outbreak.

"[We] wanted to make sure that a significant portion of that benefit would go straight into the pockets of the incredible people on the front line and in our distribution centres," he explained

The increase will be given to both full-time and part-time staff, and is part of a wider initiative by the company to respond to COVID-19.

As well as introducing temporary higher pay rates for staff, Weston also announced that most stores would be operating on reduced hours, and limiting the number of customers that could be inside at one time.

“Colleague wellbeing remains our highest priority,” he added.

Additionally, Loblaws stores will be installing plexiglass shields at their checkout counters, in order to keep employees and shoppers as safe and protected as possible. 

The company also intends to supply stores with masks, hand sanitizer and gloves, which will be available to both staff members and members of the public.

You can find more information and full details about the company's latest COVID-19 plans and measures by clicking here.