No one likes working for minimum wage. Spending hours at work and making literally the least amount of money you’re legally allowed to, isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. 

The grocery chain Loblaws recently looked at the idea of paying everyone who works at their stores a living wage, in other words enough to actually pay for rent, food, transportation etc. 

And when it came time to make a decision shareholders rejected the idea.  

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So why not pay all of its employees who work for them enough to actually live on? 

Part of the reason for this apparently is that the “enormous time and resources” it would take to review what the living wage is for each of its locations would be a wasted. 

The living wage across the country varies widely and Loblaws essentially doesn’t want to have to spend time and money to figure it out for each location.  

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The living wage in Vancouver would apparently be $20.91 per hour, but in a rural town in Ontario it could be much less. 

Loblaws also says that it needs to make sure that the way it pays its employees is, “flexible enough to allow the company to maintain its competitive position and adapt in an ever-changing retail landscape.” 

Essentially they need to keep costs low in order to remain competitive with other grocery stores in Canada. 

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So if you’re working, or looking to work at the grocery chain, you can expect to be only make minimum wage going forward. 

Source: Toronto Star