Local Fvckboy Starter Packs For 8 Ontario Universities

No campus is safe from your friendly neighbourhood fvckboy!
Local Fvckboy Starter Packs For 8 Ontario Universities

If there's one thing you can't escape when you enter a university campus, it's a fvckboy. While they come in many different types depending on what campus you are on, it's safe to say there isn't a single university campus that doesn't have some on hand. Even though some students may think f*ckboys are all one in the same, they actually are slightly different. 

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With this in mind, we went to different university students throughout Ontario and asked them what their typical campus fvckboy looks like so don't shoot the messenger. From their attire to their behaviour and of course the typical text you'd expect from one, students covered every part of what you should expect from their campus' local fvckboy. 

So whether you want to compare other school's fuckboys to the ones you see on campus or are just curious of what's going on at different schools, we've compiled 8 universities worth of starter packs to give you an idea of what their standard fvckboy is like!

*Disclaimer, aggressive shotgunning applies to all of these starter packs, I just assumed that's common knowledge at this point. 

Wilfrid Laurier University 

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Ryerson University

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Western University 

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University of Toronto

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Guelph University 

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McMaster University 

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York University 

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