You Can Visit These "Locke & Key" Filming Locations In Toronto (VIDEO)

Parts of the show were also filmed in Nova Scotia.
“Locke & Key” Filming Locations

If you logged onto Netflix over the weekend, you may have seen previews for their latest drama series that was released on Friday. The show is already cool enough on its own, but as it turns out, many of the Locke & Key filming locations are located right here in Canada, and you can actually visit them.

If you haven’t yet checked out the Netflix original, Locke & Key takes place in the state of Massachusetts, but all the filming for the show was done in Canada — in Nova Scotia and Ontario, to be specific.

In a video sent to Narcity from Netflix, the streaming service revealed that they actually used the city of Lunenburg, Nova Scotia to shoot most of their outdoor, scenic shots because it “emulate[s] the exteriors found in rural Massachusetts.”

As far as the show’s other scenes go, the crew shot in the big city of Toronto. Filming took place from February to July of 2019, according to Decider.

The 6ix has plenty of picture-perfect spots, but Netflix revealed to Narcity that the Maple Leaf Tavern (located at 955 Gerrard St. E.) was a prime spot for shooting some scenes.

“[Maple Leaf Tavern] is kind of a chic but very traditional restaurant, so it hit that believability factor while also being aesthetically attractive,” Locke & Key’s location manager Tim Owen explained.

Another Toronto location used for filming is Dineen Coffee (located at 140 Yonge St.). The spot was picked not only for its aesthetics but also for its proximity to Maple Leaf Tavern.

“Every location for a film is always specific to whatever the script is… Generally, my job is to try to match things out so you can logistically get from one to other,” assistant location manager Justin Cossette said.

One last Toronto spot that made its way into the series is Ripley’s Aquarium, which was used to shoot a super cool dream sequence that takes Kinsey Locke on a journey through her own memories.

Not only was the Netflix Original shot here in Canada, but according to IMDb, the show’s cast and crew are loaded with amazing Canadian talent.

The entire first season of Locke & Key is now available for streaming on Netflix. You can view the video with the filming locations below.