Logan Paul's Latest YouTube Stunt Shows That He's Not Sorry For His Suicide Forest Video

Logan Paul has been relatively quiet online after the epically distasteful video he posted last year where he visited the "Suicide Forest" while travelling through Japan. If you need a reminder, the YouTuber with over 16 million subscribers went out of his way to visit the infamous landmark and found a suicide victim.

The entire video was incredibly disrespectful considering Paul kept recording and posted the entire event online. After this happened the YouTube community was ripped apart. Fans were concerned about the wellbeing of the online community and about the future of Logan Paul. The falling out of this event was intense and even though the video was awful, the YouTuber still has millions of followers.

It seemed like the entire world was upset with Paul and he released a video apologizing for his insensitivity. He also promised to do better.

After months of laying low, he has done it again. In recent videos, Paul has encouraged his followers to take part in the very dangerous Tide Pod Challenge. But in his most recent video, Paul did something even more disturbing.

Via Logan Paul Vlogs

In the video, Paul takes a fish out of water and "jokingly" gives the fish CPR. Later in the video, Paul is at his home and explains that there are two dead rats on his deck. Cut to a short intro about "get[ting] the rats", Paul and his friends go outside to deal with the situation. Paul tasers the already visibly dead rats to ensure "that they are really dead".

I found the video to be extremely disturbing and hard to watch. It's fairly obvious to see that the rats were brought to that location specifically for the video and Paul's entertainment.

In response, YouTube has temporarily stopped Paul's ad revenue after citing "his recent pattern of behaviour". Basically, YouTube can no longer sit idly by while this megastar continues to post disturbing content.

Source: The Verge