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London Police Lip Sync Video Goes Viral As They Ask Public To "Stand By Me"

Who would have thought that TikTok videos and police officers were a good mix? Well, a London Police lip sync video has raised both eyebrows and spirits in the Ontario community. When it comes to community engagement, these officers clearly have it under control.

It's always awesome to see people who you wouldn't expect to normally let loose have a little fun.

With over 16,800 followers, PC Rebecca Elliot, a school safety officer, has made a name for herself on the video posting platform, TikTok.

Elliot and her colleague, PC Scott Mickle, started sharing hilariously clever videos. Since, what started as a way to get their community-engaged has grown into a bit of an internet sensation.

According to CBC News, both Elliot and Mickle are school safety officers that visit around 27 schools in London, where they teach students in grades three, six, and eight.

Elliot told CBC News that since they spend most of their time around kids, they were given the nudge to try out TikTok.

"That's a lot of times how we show them what we're doing and the kids get to see us not in that policing role, which is kind of fun for them," said Elliot to CBC News.

In the now-viral video, the two, along with their friend PC Chris Golder, are seen singing along to the song "Stand By Me" while using handcuffs to mimic the instruments used in the song.


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With over 138.3 thousand likes, the video is now Elliot's most-liked post on TikTok and everyone is totally loving it.

Mickle is also quite the hit with over 9,500 followers. He shares his own creative work sometimes, and a few of his videos have over a thousand likes.


When your vest starts to smell. #humanizethebadge #tiktokcops #copsoftiktok #communityengagement #police

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As officers, they do face some hate and criticism for being on TikTok, but Elliot says that they do this on their own time, while on breaks, or before they start their shifts.

"It's for the kids, it's just for fun and it's to reach those kids so they can see that we're just regular people," the officer explained.

The kids are enjoying it and so are the officers so it doesn't hurt anyone if a couple of cops have come across some viral fame.

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