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Longest Zipline In Louisiana Takes You Over A Pool Of 150 Gators

Besides Florida, Louisiana is pretty much the only other state that is known for its mass amount of alligators. Thrill-seekers and animal lovers alike will find this exotic adrenaline theme park to be one of their favorite destinations. The longest zip-line in Louisiana lets you take a flying adventure over an active pond of live alligators.

Gator & Friends in Greenwood, Louisiana and is an exotic petting zoo and adventure park that opened in 2006. The owners wanted to share with the world how these animals live and how they protect them. 

It's easy to spend your entire day at this park because there is just so much to do. The zip-line adventure is the thing to do at this park, even if you're a little scared.

There really isn't anywhere else where you can zip over a pool of live, dangerous animals, except in Texas. To some, this sounds like a great time, to others, they'll think you're crazy if you participate. There is a four-line course that's an hour long and the seven-line course can lasts up to two hours.

Each of these adventures takes you through a deep forest, over the exotic animals' habitats and then over the pond with the massive amount of live, hungry alligators. A guide will be with you the entire time, no matter what course you take so you're in safe hands.

The seven-line course should be taken if you want to get the full experience of the longest zip-line in the entire state of Louisiana. You'll get free admission to the exotic animal park and a cup of animal feed when you purchase this adventure. 

After you're done with your zip-line experience, you have to finish your trip by petting lemurs, cows, camels, kangaroos and more. 

This is a great place to really learn about the animals that habitat Louisiana and how they live and thrive there. You can also head to this massive wetland where you can get up-close and personal with alligators

Gator & Friends, LLC

Price: $59.95 for seven-line, $34.95 for four-line

Address: 11441 US-80, Greenwood, LA 71033

Why You Need To Go: This spot is home to the largest zip-line course in Louisiana and you will zip over a full pool of alligators.