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Longo's Customers Across Ontario Are Now Required To Wear Face Masks While Shopping

This comes after several reports of sick staff.

If you haven't already taken it upon yourself to wear PPE, you will now be required to do so at some grocery stores. Longo's has announced that all customers will now be required to wear a face mask upon entering any of their locations in Ontario. Longo's COVID-19 policy is effective as of Monday, May 4. 

In a statement released by the grocery retailer, they are now warning shoppers that they will not be able to enter the store unless they are wearing a face mask. “Our team members and suppliers wear a face covering, and now our guests are required to do the same. Please bring a mask or face covering that covers your mouth and nose with you when you shop,” Anthony Longo wrote in a statement to the public. This rule will not apply to children under the age of 2, according to the letter.

Longo writes that if customers do not have a face mask with them when arriving at a store, there will be some available for purchase. "If you are not able to wear a mask or face covering, please speak with a manager so we can accommodate you," the statement says. 

Longo's has also said that their main priority is the health and safety of their team members and guests. The policy change is meant to protect everyone in the community. This comes after multiple cases where the virus has spread to employees at Longo's locations.

On April 5, Longo's announced that two locations in Vaughan had positive cases of COVID-19 in their stores, causing closures and deep cleaning of those spaces.

Seven staff members tested positive at the Weston Road location, and one member of staff at the Major Mackenzie location. 

The new measures will aim to prevent any further situations like those in Vaughan, according to the statement. Longo's has also taken several other precautions to fight COVID-19 at their stores, such as reduced hours of operation and a priority hour for senior citizens. 

Grocery stores across the province have taken similar precautions to ensure physical distancing. Plexiglass barriers have also been installed at cash registers across the province in an attempt to flatten the curve.