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LOOP Mission Just Launched A New Sustainable Gin & It’s Perfect For Summer Sipping

It's made from the misfits of the food industry and is available across Canada.

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LOOP Mission Just Launched A New Sustainable Gin & It’s Perfect For Summer Sipping

With restrictions starting to ease up and after-work drinks back on the table, you've likely begun the search for this season's beverage of choice. If supporting local and being intentional with your purchases is on your summer to-do list, you may have found your perfect match in LOOP Mission's Lime and Ginger Gin.

With a bite of fresh ginger root and a tang of lime, this crisp-flavoured gin isn't just perfect for summer sipping — it's also good for the planet all year long.

To support the circular economy, food-waste-fighting powerhouse LOOP Mission has partnered with chip factory giant, Krispy Kernels, and a local distillery to produce bottles of gin made from leftover potato cuttings.

The Canadian-based company takes excess potato cuttings produced by the Krispy Kernels, along with surplus grains, and distills them to create the first-of-its-kind gin. The gin is then naturally flavoured with the cold-pressed juice from rescued limes and ginger. The result is everything you'd expect from a classic dry gin, with a refreshing (and sustainable) twist.

You can find LOOP gin across Ontario for $38.85, which is a decent price for a 750 ml bottle, especially one made out of upcycled fruits and veggies. What could be classier than sipping a G&T and fighting food waste at the same time?

Courtesy of LOOP Mission

You may already know LOOP Mission's range of tasty beverages and its unique goal. As Canada's circular economy leader, the clean-label company upcycles rejected fruits and veggies into products like smoothies, probiotic sodas, beer — and now, gin.

Sustainable food and drink practices are the future, and with this socially conscious spirit, you can enjoy your sunny-season cocktails and feel good about where the ingredients came from.

LOOP Mission's Lime And Ginger Gin

Price: $38.85

Where You Can Buy It: At the LCBO in Ontario, SAQ in Quebec, NB Liquor in New Brunswick and Highlander Wine & Spirits in Alberta.

Details: Made from rescued grains, excess potato cuttings and upcycled lime and ginger, LOOP Mission's first-of-its-kind gin aims to help fight food waste one cocktail at a time.

To learn more about LOOP Mission's Lime & Ginger Gin, check out their website or follow them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

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