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Los Angeles Rams Cheerleaders Had A Mishap At A Big Game And Twitter Had No Chill

Millions of people witnessed a mishap involving professional cheerleaders during Sunday Night Football this past week, and Twitter roasting quickly began. With only a few minutes left in the first half, the Los Angeles Rams cheerleaders and mascot were performing a routine when the game was set to resume.

Just seconds before the game clock was about to start, the Rams cheerleaders were still on the field with the mascot. They had missed that cameras were rolling and should have been off the field.

The game's commenters called out, "We need the cheerleaders off of the field, please," to which the stadium crowd had a good laugh.

The Los Angeles Rams were in the middle of an impressive performance against their rivals, the Seattle Seahawks when this strange scene happened.

It didn't stop the excellent play of the Rams, as they went on to an easy victory.

Many people in attendance — and viewers at home — all had a little chuckle at what transpired; Twitter was quick with the jokes.

Fans all over the world got in on the action with their own Twitter comments, and even NBC and other professional publications got involved in the situation.

While some comments were aimed at the mishap involving the cheerleaders, other tweets compared the act to the poor play of the Seattle Seahawks.

In all seriousness, the Los Angeles Rams have had some great games lately. While they had a poor start to the season, they have turned things around and are in the hunt for another playoff run.

As for the cheerleaders, they all had a smile as they ran off the field after been urged by the announcer.

But all is well in the Rams' world as the team continues to play at a high level.

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While events like this happen, Twitter has no chill when it comes to roasting athletes and even pro cheerleaders. And when it happens on a nationally-televised stage, you can expect comments to come pouring in within seconds.

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