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30 Secret Places In Los Angeles To Bring Your Girlfriend This Summer

Talk about an epic date bucket list!
30 Secret Places In Los Angeles To Bring Your Girlfriend This Summer

LA is definitely one of the coolest spots in all of the States (not temperature wise, though). There are so many unique neighborhoods, areas, shops, and restaurants that even if you've lived in LA your whole life, you're bound to have missed something. 

It's time to get out and explore, and better yet, take your girlfriend out exploring. Here are 30 of the coolest and most romantic hidden gems in Los Angeles that will knock you and bae out of your 3-year-long Netflix & Chill addiction and add some excitement to your relationship. Plus, you'll be a total hero for "planning" one of these romantic dates. 

1. Go Hiking In Angeles National Forest

LA is lucky enough to be surrounded by gorgeous mountains, so why not take advantage of it and go for a little adventure in the Angeles National Forest? The views are 10/10 (and I'm not just talking about your GF). 

2. Get Cultured At The Museum Of Contemporary Art (MOCA)

Museum dates, although corny and rom-com ish, are always a good idea. Roaming around the museum with your gf is super fun and interesting, and you're bound to take in some amazing art. Also— a prime spot for an IG photoshoot!

3. Drinks At The Culver Hotel

Vintage glamour meets modern chic at this iconic LA hotel. It's the perfect spot to grab some drinks at the beginning or the end of the night. They are known for live music that completes the vintage atmosphere. 

4. Indulge Yourself At Diddy Riese Cookies

Need a sweet treat to cool you off on a hot summer's day? Take your girl to Diddy Riese Cookies for an epic ice cream sandwich. They're definitely worth the mess it makes to eat them!

5. Get All The Views At L.A. City Hall Observation Deck

Need the perfect view of the city to propose? This is definitely the spot to go. The observation deck is located on the 27th floor of City Hall and it is completely free to go check out! Tip: sunset is the perfect time to go!

6. Immerse Yourself In Nature At Malibu Creek State Park

Just 40 minutes from the city, Malibu Creek State Park is one of the most beautiful parks to explore in the state. Whether you're an avid hiker or are just there to get a couple couple photos (haha), you won't be disappointed. 

7. Bring Out Your Inner Book Nerd At The Last Bookstore

This whimsical bookstore is bound to be your new favorite spot. With total Harry Potter vibes, this place has floating books, super cool nooks and crannies, plus records for sale! Perfect spot for a little photoshoot. 

8. Catch A Flick Outside At Cinespia

Since LA is the movie factory of the world, you best believe we know how to put on a good screening. Catch a film in the great outdoors—bring a blanket and snacks and get cozy in this romantic setting! 

9. Grab Some Breakfast Tacos From HomeState 

Breakfast tacos? Yes, you heard that right. They exist, and they're amazing. Get them at HomeState, one of the coolest restaurants in town. The bright and fun vibes will instantly put you in a good mood!

10. Take A Stroll In Exposition Park Rose Gardens

Who doesn't love flowers? Exposition Park Rose Gardens is THE place to see an abundance of beautiful flowers. It's the perfect Sunday activity—take a stroll along the floral pathways and take in the amazing smell!

11. Cool off At Dockweiler State Beach

What's better than a day spent on the beach? Lather up with sunscreen and don't forget water to keep you hydrated. Splash around with bae and relax on the warm sand getting your tan on. 

12. Gaze At The Stars At Griffith Observatory

The view from Griffith Observatory is like no other. Picture yourself here with your gal, gazing up at the stars and contemplating the meaning of life together. This is also the perfect place to take a first date!

13. Grab Dessert At Bottega Louie

This place is guaranteed to transport you straight to Paris. So get a little dressed up with your girl and come here to indulge in a sweet treat—their macarons are to DIE for!

14. Have A Picnic At Griffith Park

Although picnics are cheesy as HECK, they're super romantic. I promise you that if you plan a picnic for your girl in a place as beautiful as this, she will love you forever. Bring all her favorite foods to up your picnic game even further!

15. Fly Above The Clouds In A Hot Air Balloon

Up for an adventure? Take your girlfriend on a hot air balloon ride that she will never forget. Although if she's afraid of heights then maybe it's not the best of date ideas...

16. Check Out The Bronson Caves

Exploring caves is a super cool experience, and also the perfect place to take some super cool photos. Located in Bronson Canyon, these caves are one of L.A.'s hidden gems for sure. 

17. Wander Around The Time Travel Mart

From books to clothing to groceries, this little mart is a cute little shop that has some unique little parts to it. You're Snapchat story is bound to be LIT if you go on a date here. 

18. Gawk At The Beauty Of Wayfarers Chapel

Even if you're not religious, this chapel is definitely a must-see, purely for its architectural beauty. It's also the perfect wedding location if you foresee a development in that area happening in the future...

19. Soak Up The Sun At El Matador State Beach

Do yourself a favor and take the hour-long road trip to this beach. It has major Miley Cyrus Malibu vibes, and it's the perfect place to waste away the afternoon with your sunnies and some snacks. 

20. Explore The Ruins Of The Sunken City

This spot is a jumble of foundations, streets, and streetcar tracks that were destroyed by a landslide in 1929. Now they've been turned into a super cool spot for graffiti too!

21. Bring Out Her Inner Dorothy At The Garden Of Oz

Hidden in the hills of Hollywood is this Wizard of Oz-themed park where every corner is a new and colorful section of art. Tell her to wear red shoes and don't tell her where you're going—it's the cutest date!

22. Take A Swing Under The Chandelier Tree

This super unique spot is hella romantic. Take a swing under this chandelier-adorned tree and tell her you love her for an unforgettably romantic evening that she will gush to her gal pals about!

23. Have Dinner On A "Dining Car"

Who would have thought that a dining car would be home to a fine dining steakhouse? The Pacific Dining Car is a restaurant that will give you a truly unique dining experience, that's for sure. 

24. Grab Lunch At The Iconic Pink's Hot Dogs

This award-winning hot dog joint is an absolute must-do in L.A. - especially if you're a local. It has retro vibes and delicious food, what more could you ask for?

25. Take In The Beauty Of The Phantasma Gloria

L.A. is home to some amazing art installations, and this is just one of them. This stunning and ever-growing piece consists of hundreds of colored glass bottles that glisten on a sunny day.

26. Grab A Cup Of Joe At Eightfold Coffee

This adorable coffee shop is aesthetic AF and also super spacious, making it the perfect spot for a nice coffee (or iced coffee) date with bae. Definitely indulge her in an Instagram photo shoot while you're here. 

27. Go Ghost Hunting At The Linda Vista Community Hospital 

If you and your girlfriend aren't easily spooked, why not spend a couple hours in the former Linda Vista Comunity Hospital? This spot is a popular destination for ghost hunters everywhere. 

28. Grab A Beer At Golden Road Brewing

You know those days that are just so hot that you need a cold pint of beer and some shade or else you feel like you'll melt? Well, my friends, this is the perfect spot for you. Plus they have some outdoor games!

29. Cool Off At Skybar

Are you truly an of-age L.A. local if you don't have a photo at Skybar on your Instagram profile? No, the answer is no. Even if the days of Lindsay Lohan showing up here are passed, this is still a boppin' summer destination. 

30. Go For A Hike In Runyon Canyon Park

A hike here will promise you amazing views and good times. Conquer the mountain together and deepen your bond. Don't forget water and snacks for the perfect hiking date!

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