Starting Tuesday, April 14, qualifying Los Angeles residents may receive prepaid debit cards with up to $1,500 on them. Mayor Eric Garcetti announced the decision yesterday. The aptly-named Angeleno Card Program provides financial assistance to low-income residents and those directly affected by COVID-19.

Each of the no-fee cash cards will be loaded with $700 to $1,500, depending on the individual's income level and their number of family members and dependents.

"Angeleno cards are very simple. These no-fee debit cards provide cash assistance to families in Los Angeles who need the help," said Garcetti.

Qualifying residents must meet these conditions:

  • Live in the city of Los Angeles
  • Had incomes below the state's poverty line prior to the stay at home order, which was put in place on March 19
  • Fell into hardship due to reduced work hours
  • Had their incomes reduced by at least 50%

Los Angeles residents can apply for the cards online or by calling 213-252-3040. Applications will be accepted starting on Tuesday at 8:30 a.m. and must be received no later than Thursday at 4:30 p.m. 

Those who apply and don't immediately receive aid will be placed on a waiting list.

These funds are expected to go quickly. It wasn't stated how many cards would be given out in total.

Angeleno Card Program

"We know that there will be more demand than money. But I am committed to picking up the phone every single day and calling for more," Garcetti said.

CBS Los Angeles reported that grocery gift cards from the Angeleno fund handed out last week were gone within four days.

This chart details the income levels of qualifying recipients.*

Angeleno Card Program

According to Garcetti, people who receive federal and state financial assistance may still qualify for the Angeleno cards, regardless of one's current U.S. citizenship status.

They must meet the qualifications above.

"We are all Angelenos and I hope that our federal government will listen to that too," he said. 

The cards will be provided through the Mayor's Angeleno Fund along with the nonprofit organization Accelerator for America.

*This article has been updated.