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California's Former Governator & His Donkey Would Like You To Stay At Home (VIDEO)

He even teaches his Yorkie to wash her hands.

As California fights against the Coronavirus, celebrities are urging their fans to stay inside to help stop the spread. While many stars have posted, we're loving one video in particular. Arnold Schwarzenegger is practicing social distancing by cuddling with adorable miniature farm animals.

Last night, Arnold posted an adorable video from his kitchen while feeding his pet pony Whisky and his donkey Lulu some carrots. 

It's honestly the cutest thing we might have seen all week.

Would you look at Lulu's fluffy face?

He said, "See, the important thing is that you stay at home because there's a curfew now. No one is allowed out. Especially someone who is, like, 72 years old (referring to himself). After you are 65, you are not allowed out of the house anymore in California. So we stay at home and we eat here."

Despite the curfew, the former Governor was all smiles as he fed his pets some of their favorite snacks. And from the looks of things, they were pretty happy too.

But that's not all. 

Arnold filmed an adorable hand-washing video for an audience of one - his fluffy Yorkie named Cherry. 

"You see here, look at this Cherry. This is how you wash your hands." 

In the caption, he wrote, "Wash your hands. I tried to do a hand-washing tutorial for Cherry but I think you guys will pay more attention. Be safe. Wash your hands. Listen to scientists and experts, not foreheads. Together, we can slow this down and protect each other. #COVID19"

The comments underneath are equally hilarious. One user wrote, "She wasn’t too interested, but we heard and will repeat! 50 x’s a day wash your hands 🚿 💯."

On Twitter, he shared another important message, encouraging fans to stay at home and do their part to help out senior citizens and other vulnerable people around them.

We love what Arnold is doing to practice self-love at home and show care to others too.