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We all know CA is packed full of trendy places to see and fun quirky adventures. But we’re particularly excited about this hidden gem. Did you know you can live out your mermaid fantasies at an Atlantis escape room in California?

This new game is so worth the trip. Like every epic escape room, this one starts your journey with a super-cool story.

Tickets cost $33 per person on weekday evenings and $39 per person on weekends. You can bring up to seven or eight people. The game lasts for one hour.

We recommend bringing a big group, since Escape Room: LA Atlantis is rated a 7/10 for difficulty. Bring your booking confirmation and get ready for an excellent adventure. 

You’ve been invited by an eccentric professor to come and join him in a fantastic quest. He’s discovered a secret portal to Atlantis. You get a special ability to breathe underwater and four unique pendants. The door opens, and you enter the magical world of Atlantis!

Since Escape Room LA: Atlantis is a puzzle-based game, there are plenty of rooms to explore, codes to crack, and interactions throughout it all. Teamwork is key to working fast and beating the challenge. 

Atlantis Escape Room In California

We recommend splitting up into teams of two per task. You and your best friend can work on the spyholes, while your other friends adjust the scrolls.

Each of the different rooms shows a beautiful underwater world of shimmering lights and beautiful aqua colors. 

The design was taken from real-life Atlantis inspo, drawing upon Greek architecture, Minoan civilization, and all we know about Atlantis legends. 

Atlantis Escape Room In California

There are so many unique rooms to explore. You’ll solve puzzles in Atlantis’s courtyard, the library, a super-secret room, Nautilus’s Chamber, and then our fave - the Octopus Room with a giant octopus on the ceiling and tentacles built into the walls all around you.

Atlantis Escape Room In California

Just when you think you’re out, you’re faced with all the glory of Poseidon’s Temple.  We’re not going to give away too much info. But we’ll say that sound plays a significant role in the clues you solve. 

Should you get stuck, there’s a character inside the game who will help get you back on track. If you succeed in the game, you’ll unveil a long-lost Atlantean secret. No pressure. 

Atlantis Escape Room In California

Escape Room LA: Atlantis

Price: $33 per person on weekday evenings and $39 per person on weekends. 

Hours: Monday 9:30 am to 6 pm, Tuesday - Friday 9:30 am to 6:30 pm, Saturday 11:30 am to 10:00 pm, and Sunday from 12 pm to 6 pm. 

Location: 120 E. 8th Street, Los Angeles 90014Why You Should Go: You can explore the underwater world of Atlantis and uncover long-lost secrets.