Bill Nye The Science Guy Is Suing Disney For $28M And A Los Angeles Court Just Approved It

There’s bigger things to worry about than Disney+.

When you picture an epic super fight, monsters and aliens typically come to mind. This week, the weirdest battle is going on. Bill Nye the Science Guy is suing Disney.

Los Angeles Court Superior Court judge, Dalila Lyons, just approved Nye's request and announced that there would be a 10-day trial held in May 2020. 

Now, this is an episode (*we mean real-life scenario, cough cough*) you probably never saw coming. 

According to the Los Angeles Times, the "Science Guy" has been given the green light for his $28 million case against Walt Disney Co.

He claimed that the mega-billion-dollar company improperly held onto millions of dollars in profits that he should have earned from his 1990s PBS show. 

The lawsuit dates back to 2017 when Nye first filed the suit, alleging that Disney's Buena Vista Television shortchanged him and other show owners. 

Fox Business reported that in 2008, Buena Vista had sent Nye a check for $585,123. Three months later, they followed up, saying the payment was an accounting error, and that he owed them $496,111. They refused to issue any additional royalty payments until this amount was repaid.

While he has been fighting for his profits, Disney released 31 select episodes of "Bill Nye the Science Guy" to Netflix.

Fox Business went on to say that Disney attempted to reduce the case to "an accounting spectacle."

The company made a deal in 1993 with the star to distribute and promote the series. It gave him, and his partners access to 50% of all the profits. Bill Nye was entitled to one-third of this percentage.

According to his finance filings, he claims Walt Disney Co. owes him at least $9.6 million. At this time, Disney and its attorneys have declined to comment.

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