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These 3 Dodgers Players' Love Stories Are In VERY Different Relationship Stages

The World Series kicks off tonight between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Tampa Bay Rays, but we're here to talk about a DIFFERENT kind of sport: love.

That's right, folks — the boys in blue might be baseball champions, but these three players, in particular, are ALSO champions in their love lives...and isn't that what really matters?

Okay, fine, baseball matters, too (go sports!), but let's take a look at three of our favorite Dodgers players and their love stories — each of which is in a VERY different relationship stage.

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The blossoming new couple: Cody Bellinger and Chase Carter

Cody Bellinger won the NLCS game a few days ago, but earlier this year he won...swimsuit model Chase Carter's heart, apparently. The two are said to have started dating in August, and in September, she posted a rather intimate photo of Bellinger in bed to her Instagram stories. And after Bellinger hit the home run that sent the Dodgers to the World Series, he and Carter shared a sweet little kiss that she posted to her Instagram. Oh, also Carter used to date ANOTHER baseball player — just a little saucy bonus fact. 💫

The newly married couple expecting their first baby: Kiké Hernández and Mariana Vicente

Kiké Hernández did his part getting the Dodgers to the World Series in Game 7, hitting a ball that helped tie the game 3-3. And off the field, this Dodger's personal life appears to be equally successful — he got engaged to his now-wife Mariana Vicente in 2017 (who is the Former Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2010, by the way).

The pair got married in 2018 and Hernández posted ANOTHER super cute status about it.

Actually, they kind of never STOP posting photos of how much they love each other.

And as of recently, the semi-newlyweds announced they will be having a baby.

These two also had a dugout kiss but it was slightly less reported on than newer couple Cody and Chase's post-game smooch.

The high school sweethearts: Clayton Kershaw and Ellen Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw has a lot on his plate as far as helping the Dodgers win the World Series, but at least he can come home to the support of his lovely wife Ellen Kershaw, and all of their children. The pair met as freshmen in high school and married in 2010. And now, they enjoy doing things like riding around their suburban neighborhood as a family on bikes (see below).

They also like to take extremely cute family photos and post them on Instagram.

And if you think it couldn't get any more wholesome, they have their own charity, as well.

So, there you have it, folks: three Dodgers couples, three entirely different stages of a relationship. If the Dodgers do well in the World Series this month, we should expect to see a few more smooching photos from all of these lovebirds in the near future.

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