While we might remember Jenna and Channing Tatum as a Hollywood power couple, she's moved on. After their 2018 split, she found love again, and her smile says it all. Yesterday, Jenna Dewan took to Instagram to post the most adorable engagement photos with her new fiance and (soon to be) baby daddy. 

It gets even sweeter. 

Her ring has a super sentimental meaning since her fiance Steve Kazee was involved in the design process.

She shared an adorable closeup kissing Steve, with the ring shining for all to see. In her post, she wrote, "A lifetime to love and grow with you...you have my heart. ❤️" 

*Sobs with happiness*

Could they be any more adorable?

Her yellow, 2.5-carat oval-cut diamond ring was designed by her friend, Nikki Reed, who owns the jewelry shop Bayou with Love in West Hollywood, California.

Nikki shared the joy in a sentimental post to her Instagram story, saying, "... I can say is your love is pure magic. And I might be biased, but that ring is gorgeoussssss! Steve, making this with you was such a beautiful experience. Thank you for loving Jenna the way you do."

Steve might be the most romantic guy ever.

In his Instagram story, he told the whole story of how he wanted to make her a super unique ring.

Jenna Dewan

"When I first started to look for engagement rings for Jenna, I knew I wanted something unique...It had to be representative of who Jenna is. It had to be as beautiful as her..."

He said the design was based on his desire to have their love "echo the cosmos... The solitaire is representative of our oneness in the universe surrounded by stars..."

Okay, it's official. The bar has been set for fiances everywhere. 

Their love story is truly one of a kind.

When telling their story, Jenna wrote: "You flew into my life like a rocket, lit it up beyond what I could've expected or imagined, and every day I am in awe over the love, care and nurture you show me, Evie [her daughter], and everyone around you..."

Steve admitted his entire Instagram page had become a Jenna fan account. *Awww*

The happy couple is just weeks away from welcoming their first child together and there's no denying their relationship is total goals. 

We're happy to see these lovebirds find each other. Here's to the beautiful couple!