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Kyle Kuzma Hair Jokes Are Going Wild And His Response To It All Is Hilarious

Kyle Kuzma is starting 2020 off with a brand new hairdo and it's definitely quite the look. It wasn't long before NBA fans, Twitter, and even fellow teammates started cracking one-liners. If you haven't heard the Kyle Kuzma hair jokes, you might wanna sit down for this one.

We have to give Kuz props for this one - his response is hilarious.

It all began when Kuzma was first seen sporting his golden locks last night. NBA fans have accused him of everything from trying to have the worst hair in the league to being the real slim shady.

Although some of the comments have been pretty harsh towards Kuzma, he's being a good sport and had a pretty amazing response to the heckling.

Just hours ago, Kuzma posted a picture of himself on his Instagram, flaunting the new hair with the caption "Slim kuzzy."

We think the response is hilarious and it shows that Kuzma is actually having a good laugh about the comments.

During yesterday's game, one fan even yelled "Will the real Slim Shady please stand up," as Kyle was shooting at the free-throw line.

Kuzma even reposted a pic on his IG story from Dallas Mavericks player, Devon Wright. The post reads, "@kuz always did you," with a laughing emoji.

But the fun didn't stop there. Twitter was also quick to the scene with jokes and slim shady comparisons. 

It's all proof that the internet has no chill.

Others gave their own opinions on who Kuzma resembles.

Changing hairstyles is nothing new for Kuzma. Just this season, he has already had a few questionable haircuts that leave fans scratching their heads.

While this new hairstyle may be a shock to many, it seemed to be no distraction on Wednesday as the Lakers went on to beat the Phoenix Suns 117-107.

The Lakers have been rolling lately, and as long as they keep winning, Kuzma can sport any hair he wants to. 

We love his response to the heckling, and we can't wait to see more comments as they're pouring in by the second.

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