LAX-It kicked off at 3 am on October 28, banning Uber, Lyft, and taxi cabs from picking up passengers at the airport’s terminal complex. While this new movement was intended to reduce congestion in the Central Terminal area, LAX-IT is causing major chaos and traffic jams in other parts of the airport. 

Fox LA reports that ride app and taxi drivers will still be able to drop off passengers at the upper departures terminal. The Director for Operations and Emergency Management at Los Angeles World Airports, Keith Wilschetz, stated that LAX-IT was needed to relieve traffic congestion caused by ongoing construction efforts for the Automated People Mover Train. 

LAX-It is located on the Lower Arrivals Level. Travelers will now have to walk from the terminals or use a dedicated shuttle service circulating through the Central Terminal Area to get picked up by Uber, Lyft, or a Taxi. According to LAX, these airport passenger shuttles should arrive every three to five minutes for pickup during peak time.

However, users have taken to Twitter to show just how chaotic the new LAX system is. Some reported that their rideshare pickup wait times have more than tripled. Others took videos and photos of insane lines piling up as hundreds of passengers wait to board the shuttle.

One user said, “the worst airport in America just got worse.”

Another user said her Uber driver took two hours to get to the pickup location.

Others posted videos of the congestion.

In addition to banning rideshare pickups at the Central Terminal, private vehicles will no longer be able to access the inside lanes, which are now reserved for Flyaway buses and LAWA shuttles. Passenger pickup areas have been relocated to the lower level commercial island with a number of designations to help drivers locate the guests.

According to ABC7, taxi drivers rallied to protest LAX-It outside of Los Angeles City Hall. Ride-sharing has taken a toll on cab drivers and they say eliminating curbside pickup will harm their business even more.

Shuttles to hotels and private parking lots were also affected by the move. San Francisco Gate reports that while other shuttles remain on the lower level, they have moved to new lanes and locations. Stay tuned for more updates. 

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