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This California Family Is Obsessed With Halloween & Their Looks Are On Point

They spilled the tea on their epic ensembles!

Do you need some major inspiration for your Halloween outfit ideas? Coming up with the perfect costume seems a bit daunting, but this mother and daughter duo make it look so easy! To pass the time while in quarantine, a California family expressed their love of the spooky season with impressive looks, all of which are very on point. 

In an interview with Narcity, Birtu Belete, and her mother, Gea Carr, spilled the tea on their epic ensembles. 

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7 Juicy Facts About 'The Kissing Booth' Actress Joey Kings' Los Angeles Roots

She's a California girl!

Calling all rom-com fans! The Netflix hit, The Kissing Booth 2 cast stars the one and only Joey King whose California roots are nothing short of exciting. There are a few lesser-known facts about her you might not have known. For one, she's a true Cali girl!

The actress has been acting from a young age and starred in hit shows like CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, and R. L. Stine's The Haunting Hour

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Stephen Colbert Pits California Against Florida In A Delicious Late Night Burn

A little west vs. east coast action.

Let the games begin!

The host of A Late Show, Stephen Colbert, playfully poked fun at the rivalry between west and east coast states by sharing an all too relatable Instagram post.

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Vanessa Hudgens Just Gave Out Her Number & You Can Text Her

"Text me!" she said.

She wants you to text her! 

Vanessa Hudgens took to Instagram Monday night and shared her phone number with her 38.6 million followers.

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Aaron Carter's Ex-Tattoo Artist Says His 'Melanie' Face Tattoo Was A 'Bad Idea'

Aaron recently broke up with Melanie.

It's just another day in the life of Aaron Carter. From fans on his social media to critics on YouTube, it seems like everyone is sharing their opinions about what the '90s heartthrob has been up to lately, especially after his recent dramatic breakup with Melanie Martin. Even one of his recent tattoo artists had something to say about it.

"I think he moved a little too fast with Melanie," Carter's one-time tattoo artist Herchell L Carrasco, also known as rockrollg on Instagram, told Narcity.

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The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Just 'Zoom Bombed' This California College Class (VIDEO)

"This has just become the most dramatic class ever."🌹

Online learning took a surprising turn when this professor decided to mix things up a bit. How do you keep students from falling asleep during a remote lecture? Throw in a surprise guest. The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Zoom bombed this California college class and the student's reactions are everything.

"Hello everybody. I hope you guys don't mind me dropping in," said Harrison. 

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