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TikTok influencer and OnlyFans star Tara Lynn broke her silence about why she took a break from social media and the skyrocketing business she's created on OnlyFans.

She went on a Barstool Sports podcast, PlanBri, which premiered March 2, and had a tell-all interview about the racy controversies that shamelessly blew her up to stardom.

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We live in a world where the "Instagram famous" title is given to not only humans but to our furry friends as well. These pet influencers have garnered huge followers from animal lovers obsessed with the adorable content of pups and kitties.

A cat named Nala is one of those social media stars, and the California feline happens to be very famous. Her popularity is so much that she even holds a world record.

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A Harvard graduate and singer is calling out major clothing brands for not having size-inclusive clothes in their U.S. stores. The creator, Samyra, recorded a song to get people's attention and it even sparked a reply from one of the mentioned fashion companies.

Her video got 855.1K views and TikTokers praised her for pointing out an issue they say they also have trouble with.

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Unless you don’t mind busy and dirty restrooms, we all try to avoid them and look for the best spot we can go to for a peaceful and short time inside a public toilet.

Of course, crowded places like themed parks and massive events only make it harder to find the right spot to poop. However, a hardcore Disney fan recently shared the best places to "sit on the throne" inside the park.

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TikTok Influencer Becca Moore took social media by storm about a year and a half ago and has gained a community of 1.1 million followers. She mainly shares stories about ex-relationships and her audience is obsessed.

However, being so honest didn't always come so easy...

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