Selena Gomez Has A Toaster That Prints Her Face In Her LA Home (PHOTOS)

"I have it in my house right now."
Selena Gomez Has A Toaster That Might Be Merch For Her Album Rare

By now, you've probably already heard Selena Gomez's famous line from her album Rare, "saw us getting older, burning toast in the toaster." But here's something you probably never would have guessed. Selena Gomez has a toaster that actually prints her face on it inside her LA home.

On the inside of the toaster, one section makes out a realistic 'print' of her face on the toast. The other side makes the bread slice say 'Rare.'

Gomez said it wasn't a joke. "It's a real thing, I have it in my house right now."

It represents "the mundane [and] the lack of care that's around you and for the things that you love and care about. Everybody's just dropped the ball."

A few months ago, Selena was seen carrying a toaster after leaving Craig's, a celebrity hotspot restaurant in Los Angeles. Some eagle-eyed fans even managed to snap photos of her while she posed with her friends inside. 

A close-up look at the toaster's tag shows it says "Selena." Is new branded merch on the way or was it just for publicity?

Either way, we have questions.

When describing her lyric's meaning, she told Apple Music that "Everybody loves this line. It's so funny. But I did get a real toaster from Madison." 

Selena is friends with Madison Beer, a singer Bieber discovered over eight years ago. Recently, she also befriended The Bachelor's Madison Prewett after they met at Hillsong Church in Los Angeles, California.

The two made headlines after going on a make-up free Target run in LA to stock up on some games for a friend's night in.

We're happy to see their new friendship bloom and that Madi seems to be moving on pretty quickly after her quick split from Pilot Pete.

TBH, Selena does seem like the best friend you'd want by your side during a breakup.