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The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Just 'Zoom Bombed' This California College Class (VIDEO)

"This has just become the most dramatic class ever."🌹

Online learning took a surprising turn when this professor decided to mix things up a bit. How do you keep students from falling asleep during a remote lecture? Throw in a surprise guest. The Bachelor's Chris Harrison Zoom bombed this California college class and the student's reactions are everything.

"Hello everybody. I hope you guys don't mind me dropping in," said Harrison. 

One student even audibly gasped in shock. After the initial surprise, several students pulled out their phones and began filming him.

"This has just become the most dramatic class ever," he joked as students laughed. 

P.S. We're loving that the awkward Zoom lag pauses for no one - not even Chris Harrison.

It didn't take long to dive into the good stuff - aka love advice. 

"Chris, I have a question for you," said Professor Kaczor. "Is there anything you've noticed about the couples that get married and stay married as a result of their Bachelor experience?"

So, who makes it and who breaks it? 

Chris spilled the tea.

"It's less about what their journey was on the show and more about what their journey is after the show," he replied.

Chris Harrison Zoom Bombed

He went on to say that those who tried to live a normal life after The Bachelor usually made it in the long run.

*scratches chin* Interestingggg.

But enough about our favorite TV binge.

So how did Chris Harrison end up dishing love advice to college students?

Chris Harrison Zoom Bombed

It all started when Jessica Saucedo approached her Love and Marriage professor, Christopher Kaczor about having Harrison on the lecture as a surprise guest.

They two contacted him on Twitter and surprisingly, Harrison agreed. You can watch the full video of the class here.

“I was so delighted that the students had such big smiles and were so excited about Chris Harrison visiting the class,” said Kaczor. “I hope and believe that they will remember that class session for years to come.”