Load management has been a big topic of discussion recently. Many players and coaches alike have shed their opinions on the subject. One of them being Doc Rivers, who made a pretty bold comment this week when a reporter asked for his thoughts on Lebron James' view. His answer stirred up a lot of controversy around the LA basketball scene. This Doc Rivers load management topic probably isn't going away any time soon.

“It’s our philosophy,” Doc said when asked about Lebron's comments on the matter. “I don’t know what theirs are. I think theirs is whatever LeBron says it is, to be honest," the veteran coach added.

Is there an NBA feud brewing in Hollywood?

Lebron's comment, "Why wouldn’t I play if I’m healthy? It doesn’t make any sense to me, personally," was what prompted Doc to express his views.

The veteran coach of the LA Clippers probably didn't mean any harm with his comments, but we can't help but think that his words could start a serious rivalry between the two squads in Los Angeles.

However, Rivers didn't seem too confident with his strategy. "I like what we are doing, and I think it’s the smart thing to do. Who knows? We’ll see at the end,” Doc added during his pregame press conference.

While some believe that load management is a smart tactic, others think it's unfair to the fans and 'doesn't make sense,' according to Lebron.

So far, Lebron hasn't given his input on what Doc thinks about his comments. But we can only speculate that James won't be too pleased.

This isn't the first time that Doc Rivers has been scrutinized over his thoughts on resting players.

Earlier this season, many people around the league shamed the coach for sitting NBA Finals champion, Kawhi Leonard, when he was healthy enough to play.

Only time will tell if this strategy will work out for Doc and the Clippers.

As for Lebron, we'll just be patiently waiting for his response on the matter. 

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