The beat is pumping, you're dancing, and ready to bust out the lyrics to your fave new song - until you realize you don't actually know any of the words. We've all been there. Today, Degeneres decided to pull out all the stops on The Ellen Show and put fans on the spot. Justin Bieber's new hit "Yummy" was the name of the game, and let's just say people completely botched the lyrics.

Thursday, Ellen posted a video of fans singing their hearts out live from the audience in Burbank, California. In her caption, she wrote, "My audience loves singing @JustinBieber music, whether they know the lyrics or not."

Here's the best part.

They all look like they're having so much fun, they don't even care that they are getting the lyrics so wrong.

From dancing grandmas to ecstatic teens, the lyrics ranged from cat sounds "meow meow meow" to totally confusing phrases like "can't wait, can't play, camping."

It's like a giant game of telephone that kept getting more confusing.

Some audience members completely ad-libbed, just mouthing words. Another sounded like she asked not-so-subtly asked the Biebs to have her baby (you do know he's a married man, right?).

It gets even better. Just wait until you see the video yourself. We could not stop laughing. 

Did you just watch it like four times over? Us too. Of course, the comment section is blowing up with likes and laughs.  

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