You Can Rent The Ultimate 90s Nostalgia Lisa Frank Hotel Room This Month In California

The 90s are back baby!
Lisa Frank Hotel LA

If you’ve ever owned a prized unicorn pencil pouch during the 90s, this post is for you. We all love a good nostalgia trip. And what’s better than a technicolor blast from the past from none other than an epic Lisa Frank hotel room? has teamed up with everyone's fave 90s designer Lisa Frank to create the rainbow-colored hotel room of your dreams. 

Reservations official open on October 11, so mark your calendar and get ready to book your dream stay. The hotel experience is open till October 27 for $199 a night. It’s gonna sell out super fast! 

You’ll find this wonderful world of color located in downtown LA at the Barsala Hotel. This dream room looks like something that even LMFAO would want to party (rock) in!

Get ready for some drool-worthy decor. Our eleven-year-old selves are geeking out to the max. And we’re okay with that. 

Everywhere you look, there’s an Instagram-worthy photo op. Grab your besties and get prepared to live it up. 

Inside the room, there’s a super cool lounge where you can hang out with your friends, a light-up canopy bed (everyone’s dream tbh), a funky animal print and rainbow-colored kitchen, and a bathroom with total mermaid vibes. 

You also get complimentary lounge gear so you can chill out to the fullest. We’re talking a full Lisa Frank robe, slipper set, and eye mask. The bathroom is the perfect place to do cute facials and mani-pedis. 

[rebelmouse-image 25951275 alt="Lisa Frank Hotel LA" photo_credit="Lisa Frank " expand=1 original_size="900x600"]

These limited edition items are yours to take home after your epic slumber party ends. Why not bring a little magic back with you for the road? 

[rebelmouse-image 25951276 alt="Lisa Frank Hotel LA" photo_credit="Lisa Frank" expand=1 original_size="903x604"]

Did we mention the (free!) mini-fridge bar is stocked with all of your favorite 90s-themed candy and snacks? We’re not crying, you’re crying.  *clutches Pixy stix*

There’s even a cute and colorful working desk where you’ll get rainbow stationery, colored pencils, and every color to draw with you could dream of. Cute and colorful plush pals are scattered throughout the room too. 

[rebelmouse-image 25951277 alt="Lisa Frank Hotel LA" photo_credit="Lisa Frank" expand=1 original_size="891x1059"]

What are you waiting for? Grab your fave animal print onesie and book a trip this nostalgic blast from the past. Book your stay here.

Lisa Frank Flat

Location: Barsala Hotel, Los Angeles

Price: $199 a night

Dates: October 11 -27

Why you should go: You can relive your love for the 90s in this colorful, nostalgic blast from the past. 


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