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Brace Yourselves, Los Angeles, It's Going To RAIN For The First Time In 172 Actual Days

For the first time since May, there is going to be Actual Weather in Los Angeles, for it has been forecasted that, this weekend, there will be...rain.

That's right β€” the region that has mostly only experienced weather in the form of extremely dangerous winds causing intense fire danger (and many actual fires) is happening for the first time in 172 days.

Not only might there be some water falling from the sky, but it is also forecasted that some areas might experience...cold.

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172 days without rain in Los Angeles

The Southern California mountain areas might even be experiencing some snowfall (!!) this weekend β€” predicted weather activity (clouds!) can be seen below, actually happening over the city of Los Angeles.

Other areas of the country might be like, "So? Literally so what?" but not Angelinos β€” a lot of us are very, very excited.

Bring on the weather β€” this city has not seen it in ages.

It's nice to feel excited about something β€” here's to a nice weekend full of actual weather, Southern California.

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