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You Can Now Buy Reuseable Face Masks Online Through Los Angeles County's Website

They are all reusable & machine washable. 👏

Wondering where to buy face masks? You're not alone. LA's Mayor Eric Garcetti posted an Instagram video on how to get one. You can now buy face masks online through the city of Los Angeles website.

In his video, Garcetti answers common questions such as "What type of face mask or facial covering should I be wearing?" "where can I find one?" and "what if I already own an N95 mask?"

You can find instructions online on how to make a mask or go to LAProtects.org to purchase one, said Garcetti.

The masks are all reusable, machine washable, and made locally in LA. Prices range from $16 to $29 and the masks come in a pack of five.

The program LA Protects works with local manufacturers across Los Angeles County. Their goal is to produce five million new masks which can be used by non-essential workers, non-medical staff in hospitals, and medical patients.

Garcetti has partnered with the health care company Kaiser Permanente to ensure proper use of materials, specifications, and processing for producing the protective gear.

At the end of his video, he asked viewers to consider donating any extra N95 masks to healthcare workers in their area.

"We don't have enough N-95 and other medical-grade masks for everyone, so those should go to the people who need them most: doctors, nurses, medical personnel, or people who are immuno-compromised," said Garcetti.

Yesterday, he also announced that free COVID-19 testing is available to those who exhibit symptoms such as fever, cough, and shortness of breath.

Anyone with COVID-19 symptoms can now book an appointment for the following or very same day.

You can sign up now on the County of Los Angeles website; you'll be walked through the entire process on how to book your visit online.

The Los Angeles County Public Health Department's website also includes a host of useful information about Coronavirus testing.