There Are 4 New Millionaires In Quebec Who Haven't Claimed Their Lottery Prizes

Check your tickets!
Loto-Quebec Winners Are Sitting On Four Unclaimed Tickets Worth Millions

Imagine winning the lottery and not bothering to claim your prize. It seems like something nobody would do, and yet there are currently four Loto-Quebec winners sitting on tickets worth millions of dollars right now. 

The lucky tickets were apparently purchased in Sorel-Tracy, the regional county municipality of Maskinongé, the Laurentides region and Gatineau. One of those is a Lotto 6/49 winner worth $2.5 million. The three others are Extra and Quebec Max plays that will payout at $1 million each.

It is Loto-Quebec's policy to inform players if there are unclaimed prizes over $100,000 after several weeks.

Each of the winners in possession of these tickets has 12 months to claim their prizes, and some of the deadlines are approaching sooner than others.

The Quebec Max ticket needs to be claimed by July 5 of this year. The Extra tickets have expiration dates of July 23 and December 17. Finally, the multi-million 6/49 ticket can be claimed up to December 3.

If the winners do not come forward by these dates, they will be redistributed as bonuses and extra draws for other players.

In addition to a press release, the Quebec gaming agency has also posted on their social media pages in an attempt to find these four winners.

With this much money at stake, everyone should be checking their tickets to see if they're going to start the year as a millionaire.

Brian LeCompte, Public affairs and written communications advisor at Loto-Quebec, told Narcity that a Montreal couple once claimed their prize just two days before the claim limit.

LeCompte also said that the majority of prizes are claimed within two weeks of the draw.

Sometimes there are valid reasons for people not claiming their prizes right away. They might want to get all of their affairs in order before becoming millions of dollars richer.

In one case, an Edmonton man who won the lottery with numbers he'd been playing for 30 years waited ten months before ultimately claiming his $60 million prize.