The Lotto Max Jackpot Is Back At $70 Million After 2 People Already Won It This Year

You can even buy a ticket online.
Lotto Max Jackpot Hits $70 Million After 2 People Already Won It This Year

What could make staying home more comfortable? How about millions of dollars? The Lotto Max jackpot is back up at $70 million for the third time this year. Two lucky people have already won it.

The first time the prize pool got this high was in January. At that time, it was won by Adlin Lewis, a credit risk manager from Brampton, Ontario.

That first $70 million jackpot broke the record for the largest lottery prize in Canadian history, but it would be matched just about one month later.

In February, Lotto Max once again reached the maximum amount for its payout. It was only the second time that it had ever happened, and it was won shortly after.

Gregory Mathieu, a 22-year-old Quebec grocery clerk bought the winning ticket. While his family's plans to travel will definitely need to be put on hold, there are probably other ways for him to spend all that money.

Going out just to buy a lottery ticket might not be the best idea right now, due to current social distancing rules being put in place.

However, picking one up on a weekly grocery trip at least guarantees a chance to play.

On top of that, you can actually buy a ticket without even leaving your home by signing up for an online account with PlayOLG.

Like all lottery sales, this is restricted to people 18 years of age or older.

Players should note, however, that they might have to wait a while if they win the jackpot.

The OLG prize centre has closed down due to COVID-19 and cannot currently pay out any amounts of $10,000 or over. Lower winnings can still be redeemed at retail outlets.

Players with PlayOLG accounts can claim any prizes under $100,000. They will either have their winnings added to their accounts or be contacted about what steps to take.

OLG advises players that there will be delays in processing times for prizes, but that they are looking at extending the one-year time period for prize redemption.

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