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New Changes To Canada Lotto Max Could Raise The Jackpot To A Record Breaking $70 Million

The lottery is always a gamble, but let's be real, who hasn't bought a ticket in hopes of a debt-free life with a mansion by the water? I know I have. With the Lotto Max being one of the bigger lotteries that are played throughout the nation, it's no wonder that they are upping the stakes with their newest changes. The Lotto Max jackpot can now reach a record-breaking $70 million.  Just imagine how much traveling you could do with that kind of cash. 

Lotto Max announced yesterday that a second weekly draw will now be conducted each week, to help raise the total of the jackpot that Canadians could win. 

On top of the usual Friday draw that takes place every week, Lotto Max is now adding an additional Tuesday draw. Starting this week, Canadians can now buy tickets for both draws, with the first Tuesday draw set to take place on May 14. 

Two weekly draws mean that the Lotto Max jackpot could actually increase much faster than it has in the past. Plus, for the first time ever, the Lotto Max jackpot could reach up to a record-breaking jackpot of $70 million. 

This large jackpot of $70 million will actually be the largest jackpot ever offered in Canadian history. 

However, that doesn't mean that every draw will have a $70 million winner. The next Lotto Max draw that is taking place on May 14 will offer a $17 million jackpot, but the pot will continue to rise if no one claims the winning ticket. 

Of course, while the amount of money you can win is rising significantly, it doesn't mean that your chances are. 

According to the Lotto Max website, your chances of winning the Lotto Max Main Draw jackpot is 1 in 33,294,800. However, the odds of winning any of the prizes that are offered, including the much smaller cash prizes is 1 in 7. 

The first Tuesday draw will be taking place this Tuesday, May 14, so you still have a few days to grab your Lotto Max ticket if you're interested. 

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