4 Canadians Became Millionaires Last Night With Big Lotto Max Wins

The $70 million jackpot still hasn't been won.
Lotto Max Winners Are Now Millionaires But The Jackpot Is Still Up For Grabs
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Are you still playing the lottery? If so, you could be one of four lucky ticket holders who won a lot of cash. The Lotto Max winners from April 10 include four people who just became millionaires. But don't worry if you weren't one of them, the big $70 million jackpot still hasn't been won and will be up for grabs again!

For the Lotto Max draw on April 10, 4 of the 27 Maxmillions prizes worth $1 million each were won.

That means those lucky ticket holders are now millionaires.

Two of the winning tickets were sold in the Prairies and the other two in Ontario.

If you live in those parts of the country and haven't checked your tickets yet, do so now. You might be one of the lucky ones who's suddenly much richer!

This prize might not seem like a lot in comparison to the huge jackpot, but there's a lot you could do with $1 million. Plus, winning that would probably make staying at home during this time not seem so bad.

While the $70 million jackpot wasn't won with this draw, it'll still be up for grabs at the new draw on April 14.

Along with the jackpot, 29 more Maxmillions prizes will also be available for people across the country to win that day.

For the draw a week earlier, Canadians in Newfoundland & Labrador and the Prairies won the $1 million prizes.

Of those, four winning Maxmillions tickets were sold in Alberta.

The jackpot wasn't won then either.

The $70 million that's up for grabs hasn't been won in a while and it was offered for the third time this year back in March.

When the jackpot reaches $50 million, those $1 million Maxmillions prizes are also offered.

Lotto Max draws happen every Tuesday and Friday.

You can also buy tickets online so you don't even have to leave the house to get the chance to become a millionaire.

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