If you're from Louisiana, especially the southeast part, you know that the weather over these last 24 hours has been anything but pleasant. Now, large hail and tornadoes in Louisiana are expected over the weekend, especially on Easter Sunday. Though holiday weekend plans this year may have been limited anyway, it looks like Louisianans will be stuck inside this weekend no matter what.

According to the National Weather Service, now is the time to have a plan in place in case your area is affected by severe weather over the weekend.

While Louisiana may have been in desperate need of some showers, no one expected the weather to get this intense any time soon. 

As of today, the National Weather Service has classified some parts of Louisiana to be in "moderate risk" of severe weather. Moderate risk is a four out of five, meaning these warnings are not to be taken lightly.

Areas that are under moderate risk, such as New Orleans and Baton Rouge, can expect widespread, severe storms that will be long-lived and intense.

Large hail, tornadoes, and intense wind gusts are expected to put a damper on a holiday many look forward to, especially the Easter Bunny himself.

The National Weather Service had high hopes after a night of much-needed rain on Thursday, but it was obvious even then that a bigger storm was coming.

"We clear out by tonight, but the rain returns again on Sunday!" they tweeted.

Now, they're recommending having multiple ways to receive warnings and to know where your safe place is in the event that you need to take shelter.

Having a plan is a must when severe weather like this is on its way.

According to AccuWeather in the tweet above, central Tennesee and northern Alabama are also in the eye of the storm.

Be safe, everyone!