This Louisiana Company Builds People Their Own Private Backyard Beaches (VIDEO)

Talk about the ultimate staycation.
Louisiana Residents Can Turn Their Backyard Into A Beach & We're Super Jealous

Stress is inevitable, and one sure resolve is hitting the beach. If you're in Louisiana, you've got a couple of sandy beaches to choose from, but you can now save your travel time thanks to one miracle company. This Louisiana company will hook up your backyard with a beach, complete with crystal blue waters and sandy surroundings.

Zydeco Construction is 70 miles outside of New Orleans but it's bringing all the flare of Bourbon Street to your backyard. They specialize in flipping the most regular backyards into water oases that compete with the South's prettiest beaches.

Each "beach" is actually just a swimming pond that's surrounded by 360 degrees of sand. You can dress the beach up by adding some flare like gazebos, umbrellas and palm trees. By the time it's all said and done, you'll never feel the need to plan a beach trip again.

Even if you only have a tiny plot of land to work with, you can still have your beach built (so it's tiny house approved!). They come as big or as small as you want them. Each beach is customized to the homeowner's land and liking, so your new backyard treasure will be completely unique to you.

If you can't get Zydeco all the way out to you, they offer design packages with instructions on how to build it yourself or with an official pool contractor.

The thought that's on everyone's mind by now is how much one of these bad boys costs. Founder Eric White said these architectural feats start at around $20,000 and go up from there (but keep in mind that was back in 2019). The price may seem steep, but the average national cost of installing an inground pool in your backyard ranges from $28,000 to $55,000.

Think about it this way — that might be less money than you'll put into trips over the course of a lifetime.