“Love Is Blind” Just Came Out On Netflix Canada & Twitter Is Already Divided On The Cast

The reality series hit Netflix on February 13.
"Love Is Blind" On Netflix

Just in time for Valentine's Day, a new reality series called Love is Blind on Netflix has arrived. The show is similar to some popular favourites like Bachelor In Paradise and Love  Island, but it has a unique twist that will have viewers totally intrigued.

If you haven't yet seen the series, Love is Blind follows a group of 20-something singles as they embark on their quest for love.

While this sounds like every other reality show you've come across, what sets this Netflix original apart is the fact that while they're getting to know one another, contestants have no idea what their potential partners actually look like.

The concept is quite similar to a reality series released by Netflix earlier this year called The Circle. In Love is Blind though, the stakes are much higher.

Before they meet face to face, the singles can commit to one another by literally getting engaged. They then have to meet up and begin to plan their wedding while simultaneously getting to know one another.

As is the case with any good reality TV show, this new series is loaded full of intense drama between the couples, and after watching just the first five episodes, viewers have already taken to Twitter to share their opinions.

Some people are totally obsessed with the show.

"Love is Blind on Netflix is crazy but I am fully obsessed oh my God," one person tweeted.

On the other hand, though, some people are unimpressed with the lack of diversity (specifically in body types) amongst the show's cast.

"Watching Love is Blind on Netflix, and so far all I can think is all of the contestants are somewhat traditionally 'good looking' people and none of them are going to be a big surprise when they're revealed," another viewer commented.

The first five episodes of the new Netflix original were released to the streaming service on February 13, with new episodes coming out weekly until the highly anticipated season finale.

If Love is Blind sounds like your kind of show, be sure to check out the trailer for the series below.