Netflix Canada's Newest Series Is A Wild Mix Of "The Circle" & "Bachelor In Paradise"

The show hits Netflix on February 13.
“Love Is Blind” On Netflix

There may be plenty of dating shows on the air, but none of them are quite like Love is Blind on Netflix. Earlier today the streaming service released the trailer for its newest reality series, and it looks like a combination between The Circle and Bachelor in Paradise.

The series will be hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey. As you may have guessed, a group of singles will be looking for love on this new show, but there’s a major catch — they have to commit to getting engaged before they can actually meet face to face.

With just a wall separating them, the contestants will chat, getting to know one another without looks playing any sort of bias in the process. If they find themselves feeling a serious connection, a proposal happens, and then the newly engaged duo (who are basically still strangers at this point) begin planning their wedding while also getting to know their partner.

Earlier this year, Netflix released a reality show called The Circle that could be compared to Big Brother, except for the fact that the contestants didn’t actually get to meet face to face. It seems as though the platform is continuing its anonymous streak with Love is Blind.

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Unlike in The Circle though, contestants aren’t able to catfish one another on their hunt for romance.

Refinery 29 reported that Love Is Blind is a “social experiment that charges its participants to find love beyond what's on the outside, trying to discover if an emotional connection is enough to solidify a real and lasting romantic bond.”

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Netflix has dabbled in dating shows in the past — on Valentine’s Day of 2019, they released Dating Around. According to IMDb, the series is about six singles who, after going on five blind dates, must pick one of their potential suitors for a second date.

The first few episodes of Love is Blind are set to hit Netflix on February 13 with more episodes coming a week later on February 20, followed by the two-hour finale on February 27. You can check out the trailer for the steamy new reality series below.